Personal Training

NashFit Personal Training is a unique combination of the most effective training systems and techniques, created by bodybuilding and fitness expert Nash Jocic, who has invested in it over 30 years of continuous highly effective training backed up by thorough research in exercise science and nutrition. It is strictly based on the laws of biomechanics as well as the most accurate nutritional programs that your unique physiological signature will positively respond to.

Our goal is to get you fit in record time, help you burn all unwanted body fat, increase your strength and muscle size and achieve that famous six-pack that you always wanted! Nash’s own results as well as those of his clients, his rich experience and extensive knowledge in the field are second to none and your best guarantee for success. He’s definitely got the passion, means and the tools to get you in the best shape of your life!


NashFit Training System is a unique combination of the most advanced training systems and techniques in order to maximise involvement of all available muscle fibres in trained muscles. As muscular development depends on physiological processes of catabolism and adequately anabolism, higher catabolic effect of exercise will trigger higher anabolic response, hence muscle growth.

Nutritional advice that you will be given will simply cause metabolic changes that will turn your body into fat-burning, muscle-building machine!

NashFit Training System is not only based on the results of scientific research in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition but more importantly on their practical application in Nash’s own experience and experience of thousands of his clients who have all progressed in record time.


Nash’s talks are a great opportunity to learn first hand about his experience in helping others achieve healthier, happier and more productive lives. From company managements, big corporate or public audiences, fitness-orientated audiences to schools assemblies, the contents of his talks capture and engage instantly everyone involved.

His thoughts and straight from the heart messages about values, goals, motivation and knowledge instantly engage audiences to take steps into achieving a better lifestyle.

In his extremely motivational, informative, inspirational and enjoyable talks, Nash covers the subjects of lifestyle, motivation, personal improvement, achieving and maintaining good health through healthy eating and effective exercises. For more information about Nash’s talks please contact us…

Nash Jocic